5 Things Other Television Needs to Learn from Gilmore Girls

Completely agree with this!

Slumbering Roses


It’s autumn. That time of year where part of your neighborhood might slightly resemble Star Hollow, if you look closely, at an angle, through an Instagram filter, sort of. It’s the perfect time of year to pull out the ol’ DVD box sets, pour yourself a cup of joe, and reunite with the two most fabulous ladies in television. And with a possible Netflix revival series coming up, you have an excuse. Here’s five things that make Gilmore Girls the unique show we all love, and how other TV writers can incorporate some of the series’ successes into their own work.

1) School is actually a place where people learn, DAMMIT.

If alien beings tried to learn about what American earth high schools were like by watching television, they’d assume high school is just a large bank of lockers for teenagers to lean up against while they make out with…

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