Stressing and De-stressing

Hey its me!


Here we are in the second week of school! And sadly, my excitement from last week has quickly diminished. Many have lamented the amount of work this semester has already brought and they are not alone. With assignments being doled out left and right, I took the time to make myself as comfortable as possible before diving in.

edited IMG_0242.jpg

With Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot playing on Netflix (yes, I am secretly an old lady inside) and some of Mom’s pesto pasta to satiate my pasta cravings, I began one of many long, sleepless nights.

However, there was one bright spot to this week. Once a month, I go back to the University of Maryland’s main campus to visit some friends, and with good weather on my side I decided to make that trip this week. Meet Sandhya:

edited IMG_0207.jpg

A future wedding event planner as well as a lawyer, Sandhya is the type of friend…

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