Valentine’s Weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies 🙂

Mine has been the typical valentine’s weekend so far: we’re hosting a family party, and my parents obviously get the cutest and best couple award (they won all the games and are so adorable, even after being married 22 years), but for the first time I’ve noticed how strange, immature, and dirty minded 50 year olds are.

I guess I started thinking that this is what my future looks like – just sitting around with my friends and having a good time – drinking, playing games, and laughing until 3 am.

Although ideally, I dreamt of being whisked away to Martha’s Vineyard for Valentine’s Day weekend, and that my rich bad boy of a boyfriend (Logan Huntzberger.. what? who said that, not me!) would get me a tennis bracelet and make me a delicious valentine’s day dinner, I think this is better.

^Sorry, I said in yesterday’s post that I would mention Gilmore girls today hehe, Season 6 Episode 15: A Vineyard Valentine 😛

Currently I’m sitting upstairs in my room listening to all of our family friends downstairs make inappropriate jokes, play couple styled games, and eating my (famous!) tiramisu.

I used to hate this holiday, I still do. Even though I’m a hopeless romantic, there’s just something I don’t like about February 14th.

If you’re single, then you look at everyone else in love and they just seem to be rubbing in your face that they have one more aspect of their life that they have put together than you do.

If you’re a new couple and this is your first valentine’s day, then there’s gift anxiety – do you get chocolates, or flowers, or both? What about a teddy bear? What about jewelry?! All of the above?! Who even knows to be honest.

Then there’s those steady couples that have been together for a long time, but this holiday means that they have to top what they did last year – and after a while, there’s only so much you can do on this dreaded holiday.

But me? Nah. I like to sit in bed, eat chocolate covered strawberries, and watch either a romcom or a show on netflix.

Even though this day is about loving others, remember to love yourself some too 😉 Sleep in, buy yourself some chocolate, do something you’ve never done before, be bold and go to the movies or a restaurant by yourself, or hang out with your best friends:)

Also while you’re at it, check out the Google Doodle, because let’s be real it’s adorable.

Until next time cuties 🙂 Have a wonderful Valentine’s day ❤

Be sure to comment below on your valentines day plans, because like I said, I’m a hopeless romantic 😉

xoxo babes


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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend

    1. Why would I sell that tennis bracelet on ebay? It’s so beautiful, and he gave it to me out of love. And yes. Logan. He has that bad boy attitude and once he gets his life together, 😀 and his proposal omggg. But yes, throwback to 5 valentine’s ago.. 😀


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