The Weirdest Epiphanies

Once again, I am procrastinating my work: I have an application due at midnight, and a problem set for game theory due at 8 am (please let there be a delay tomorrow).

And of course I’m watching How I Met Your Mother: Season 3 Episode 9: Slapsgiving.

I think when most people watch How I Met Your Mother, they have the realization that they are Ted, but would like to be as kick-ass as Barney.

I realized today that I am Lily Aldrin.

Let’s start with the similarities, which I will put in a nice neat list for all of you so you can follow along 😉

  1. When she likes a guy, she LIKES a guy. Her and Marshall were dating for 9-10 years before they got married. Talk about commitment.
  2. Lily dreams of being an artist – even though I haven’t had much time for it lately, I do too.
  3. She’s an impulsive buyer. Retail therapy anybody? I too have the tendency to turn to shopping whenever I have a problem: a relationship, I failed a test, or the realization that I am spending way too much money. #ViciousCircle
  4. She cannot keep a secret. This is debatable – I can keep a secret.. 95% of the time. But you know, that one best friend that you tell a secret to because you know, you tell them EVERYTHING and they’re pretty much an extension of you so really by telling them you’re just reaffirming it to yourself?? Yeah I have one of those too. Shoutout to you Selina .. and Katie too. But that’s it! I swear! :O
  5. She hates the word moist. ew. I mean, who doesn’t?
  6. She has very bad aim. Yes, I do.
  7. “She could also be labeled as extremely manipulative in that over the course of the series, if she does not approve of something, she will go out of her way to change it, even if it’s nothing to do with her” guilty.. but in my defense, I’m always right. like ALWAYS right. So really, me interfering in someone else’s problem is actually for their own good. (Throwback to when I crashed a celebrity wedding)
  8. She loves to gossip. They don’t call me gossip girl for nothing. note the “xoxo” signature at the end of every blog post. 
  9. “Lily’s manipulative nature can come across as also being remarkably hypocritical as she tries to make everyone around her into exactly what she wants them to be without regard as to how she could change to better suit the needs of others” YUP its true. Everyone needs to perfect themselves but me, because I’m already there 😉

So there you have it.

As few of the times that I like to admit that I have flaws (you may all bow down at my feet now), it is basically hard wired in my brain that I’m always right.. which is actually why I hate being criticized.

So really, me being stubborn, assertive, pushy, and bossy? They’re all just traits that are conforming me into becoming a lawyer.

It’s not just my dream job, it’s my destiny.

But let’s be real? Who isn’t at least a little bossy?

Stay tuned for a future post when I explain the similiarites of me and Rachel Green [Friends] and Serena Van Der Woodsen [Gossip Girl]

What fictional characters do you have a weird resemblance with? Be sure to comment below!

Also a shoutout to my friend Souvik: I hope you have a wonderful 20th birthday!



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2 thoughts on “The Weirdest Epiphanies

  1. You are totally Lily…you can be downright unstoppable when you’re going after something, but as you said, who cares, because you’re pretty much always right, lol. 🙂 I’m Ted because I’m a hopeless romantic who likes weird facts about Teddy Roosevelt and can and will recite them at a party.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHA, how come I’ve never heard one of these weird facts about Teddy Roosevelt lately? but thanks Katie 😀 we should binge watch how i met your mother again.. also i need to give you your gift, also we should be having this conversation on chat, not on my blog hehe.


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