How to deal with the haters when you’re 7000% fabulous (hair flip)

Sitting here at Starbucks on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I’ve realized something. I think the biggest way to notice how you’ve changed, is to notice how you react to certain situations, and how you’ve matured over the years.

A few years ago I heard this quote, “Maturity is realizing that not everything needs your comment,” and since then I’ve realized that’s so true. Flashback to middle school when you would make a mistake in something you said, and that one snarky kid in the class wouldn’t let you forget it for 3 more years. People make mistakes, get over it. Since I’ve heard this quote, I’ve made an effort to realize that if someone wants my opinion on something, then they’ll ask me for it.

But of course there are always those people who give their opinion whether you want it or not. There’s this one guy, who is the same age as me, 20, although let’s be real, I’m practically 21 and he’s just a youngin, who absolutely despises me. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why, and I don’t really understand why this guy is spending his energy that can be put towards something else, into hating me.

A year ago, if I found out that someone was saying hurtful things about me, I would have probably been really upset, and try to make my relationship with them better, just because we shouldn’t hold grudges, but yesterday I actually started laughing.

In the past year, maybe I’ve become less empathetic, maybe I’ve realized that there will always be toxic people in the world, but I’ve definitely been better at knowing when not to care. Let’s be real, there will always be people who don’t want you to be happy or to succeed, it’s our only job to not really give a damn.

So basically, a step-by-step process on how to not care about the haters

  1. Hear what they’re saying, and imagine something terrible happening to them (within reason) – like getting a parking ticket hahahahahah. After that, you’ll at least feel a little bit better
  2. Next, take a walk, and ask yourself, if theres any truth at all to their criticismMost of the time, the hurtful things are just things that they know will hurt you, such as pointing out your biggest insecurities, but aren’t true at all. These people can twist even the most innocent and selfless activities into something dark and twisted
  3. Take a deep breath and don’t let it bother you: doubting yourself is exactly what they want you to do
  4. Stay your rockin self 🙂

So really, that guy saying that I’m “Absolutely ridiculous,” among other things, means nothing to me now. So let me drink my coffee in peace, because the haters are gonna hate no matter what, you might as well not let it shake you 🙂

I wish the best of luck to all of you and hope that you always remember that you’re the greatest people in the world 🙂

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