Murder and Mimosas

The past 24 hours have been a lot of fun, and truly been the first day of Spring Break I’ve been relaxed, because for the first time, I went out and had no intention of doing work during my outing.

Yesterday evening we had amazing weather, and so I went on a walk with an old friend around Rio, a mini shopping center with a lake, movie theater, and stores. With the wind in our face and the coffees in our hands, it really was the therapeutic day that I’ve been so desperately needing.

I got to eat Nandos, take a walk, and received a belated birthday gift from Katie:)

  • White Zinfandel Wine (whoo whoo! shoutout to California!)
  • A “Blogging Day” mug, which I’m drinking tea from right now as I blog about my evil plans, which two sidenotes.

    Sidenote Number 1: Usually I always tell people not to get me mugs because I have a million of them, but this one is so cute and it goes with my Kate Spade planner  hehe.

    Sidenote Number 2: Francescas is the greatest store ever.. like if I were to win a $10,000 shopping spree today, I would go to this store.. in fact, Mental Note to write a future blog post about my love for this store

  •  She also gave me the cutest Mimosa-Themed card, because Mr. Incredible drinks Mimosas with Shrimp Cocktails yum yum


  • AND LASTLY, She gave me a Swear Word Coloring Book, because when people truly just get on your nerves, instead of getting angry, I can politely excuse myself, drink the wine, and color out my anger 😉

Today I had a meeting, and then went to the damn MVA to renew my twice-expired permit.. which sidenote, why should I have to pay $50 to renew my permit?? They should be happy: I’m not driving on the roads, thus I’m not contributing to traffic, carbon emissions are down, I’m encouraging carpooling, and I’m not noise-polluting because we all know I’m an aggressive driver.. In fact, everyone else should be paying the $50. But whatever MVA, stupid Monopoly, ugh.

Regardless, after receiving my third (AND FINAL)  learner’s permit, I decided we needed to celebrate “barely passing” cause 22/25 was a thin line that I nearly crossed.. So we went over to Katie’s house and had Omelets and Mimosas:)

If any of you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with Mimosas – seriously, they’re fun to say, they’re with champagne, and they’re in these adorable glasses that basically embody all good things in the world.


Look at the omelet and mimosa hehe…

But I realized that drinking this Mimosa made the gears in my head turn faster than normal.. which is quite odd cause I’m not a lightweight at all.. It was having the same effect on me that Coffee once upon a time did until I became an absolute addict and gained a huge tolerance for it.

I stood up and walked over to Katie’s window and peered outside, looking at the forest, the roads, the children walking by, and the promise of the future, with one eye on the horizon, and one eye on the truth, I knew that I can conquer anything..


Which is probably why I look like Lady Macbeth in this picture


After that, we headed to the dining room and watched our favorite feel-good show Gilmore Girls, and it finally felt like a great, and overdue, Spring break❤

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6 thoughts on “Murder and Mimosas

  1. Yay! I had fun today too. 🙂 Also seeing pictures of my kitchen on the internet is pretty weird lol…but now my omelet skills are internet famous!

    And, hey, you played Lady Macbeth for AP Lang, remember? Good casting, I suppose.

    Liked by 1 person

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