Mac or PC?

Ever since the creation of the Mac line of computers by Apple, there has been the ultimate question, Mac or PC?

For the past 21 years, I’ve been a hardcore PC fan. I haven’t had too much trouble with it, and if I did, then the customer service of the laptop company, as well as through Costco, helped me through it.

But now my 2012 Toshiba laptop broke, and I’m using the Dell XPS 15, which in my opinion has many perks, but two big flaws: the camera and the trackpad.

So the question is, should I continue to use my Dell XPS 15, or should I go with the Macbook Pro?

So what do you guys think?

Please comment below on what you think! Or if you want to contact me directly, you can do so via email at, twitter, or tumblr!

Please help a fellow blogger out:)




8 thoughts on “Mac or PC?

    1. LOL Hi Sandhya hahaha
      I already have the Dell XPS, how do you feel about the camera? I really can’t deal with it, and the trackpad is so sensitive, even after I’ve changed it in the settings


  1. Hi Sandhya,

    I definitely think a Macbook Pro would be a nice change. It’s not as glitchy as Windows and the user interface is beautiful. Plus its so easy to multitask due to the multiple desktops (yes i know Windows 10 has that now). But everything on Mac seems fluid and doesnt lag even when i have 50,000,000,000 things open.


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    1. Thank you for your comment Akash!! It’s nice to know that you also have tons of things open at the same time and it runs fine!! That’s very nice to hear! I’ll definitely consider your opinion and hope you have a great day!! 🙂


  2. I have had my Macbook Pro for 3 years and I love it to bits…the one downside would be that you can’t open a zillion tabs on it at once and expect it to work at a good speed…LEARN TO CALM YOURSELF. I have an android phone and I don’t have any issues with not having everything synced…but then again, I’m not into organizing and planning as much as you are. Macs are easy to use, it took me like a day to get used to it and you KNOW you’re better with computers than I am…I think Macs are much more intuitive and simple to use once you’ve fully made the transition…I’m never going back.

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    1. I like to multitask I can’t help it! Right now I have 4 windows open with 11 tabs each, and my computer is working soo smoothly 🙂 I like to take notes for econ while bag shopping on the side and listening to Emily Gilmore lecture Lorelai about her life choices – don’t question my way of life ;D
      But I see your point, you do seem very content with your mac. I’m taking your word for the samsung/mac combo because in the same boat here 😀 Thanks Katie! 🙂


  3. I think you should get the MacBook but it is a very big change. Also it would be better if you had an iPhone to sync with it. I say if you’re not into that, you should get a different pc all together!

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    1. Thank you Friend #1 for your reply! I was thinking of the whole android/mac combo vs the iphone/mac combo, but is it really that restricted if I don’t have an iPhone? (I’m not an iPhone person at all, I love the customization with the android and to me its more familiar and user friendly!)
      I hope you have a good day, thank you for your opinion!


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