No Questions Asked

Hello lovelies 🙂

Once again, a How I Met Your Mother Rule – The No Questions Asked (Season 9 Episode 7)

This is my favorite rule – because well, I’m a dangerous and evil combination of Lily Aldrin and a hardcore Slytherin.


The No Questions Asked Rule, is basically being able to ask a friend for a request, and that friend is not allowed to ask any probing questions about this (usually) shady request. Examples in the show were:

  • Marshall asking Ted, Barney, and Robin to delete a text from Lily’s phone no questions asked, because they owed him
  • Ted asking Marshall to free him from a public mail collection box, with no questions asked  about how he got stuck in there
  • Barney asked Marshall to discharge him from the hospital after swallowing lucky charms (not the cereal) with no questions asked
  • and my personal favorite: Robin asked Marshall to help her escape from a mysterious group of people in bodysuits who refer to her as “Nightfalcon” no questions asked

Fulfillment of this request allows the friend to have their own “No Questions Asked” request in the future.

What a great concept right? Just imagine you’re in a sticky situation, and you can ask someone for a crazy favor with the guarantee that they won’t inquire endlessly..

I guess I witnessed such an example with my friends Andrea, Selina, and Noor.

Selina was unable to attend a lecture next week in which she would have to record, and so she asked Andrea what her plan was next week from 1-3 . Without any hesitation, Andrea agreed to what Selina said, and better yet, Noor said she would help too from 1-2. That’s a damn nice friendship. Selina probably could have gotten away with asking them to rob a bank and use a getaway car.. Selina if you’re reading this, try it next time! …  If the government is reading this, I’m not an accomplice. 

Regardless, what would you request of your friends if you imposed the No Questions Asked Rule?

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