The Bus is a Great Place for Inspiration

Hello everyone!

This post is sort of a “sequel” of sorts to a former post of mine: The Metro is a Great Place to People Watch

Today was like any other Friday, as I was finally going home after yet another stressful week at University. I was just closing my eyes planning to catch up on some sleep, when a few snippets of the conversation behind me got my attention.

Let’s call them Macey and Zach.

Macey and Zach both attended my high school, so when they mentioned a few of my former teachers, I perked up a little bit, lowered the volume of Audio Book I was listening to (The Circle for those that are interested.. a dystopian book that characterizes the present world we live in .. think Google and Silicon Valley), and started listening to the conversation behind me.

Macey and Zach were old friends that were catching up, talking about how their past two years of college have been, and what they were up to these days. I didn’t really listen to Zach’s story, it sounded familiar to a lot of people who I am friends with: a Computer Engineering major who just got a job to work in Google, Facebook, Amazon, or another one of those tech companies.

Macey however, was just the beacon of inspiration that I so desperately needed in these past few months. She was sharing her opinion on the Psychology of Time, and how the harder we try to slow it down, the faster it goes.

She then proceeded to talk about her very busy schedule: She’s doing two majors and a minor, is the president of her sorority, the president of the organization that puts together all the events for students, a teaching assistant for one of her classes, a community assistant in her residence hall, a dance instructor at the school gym, and has had a steady boyfriend for the past two years. She does all of this and sleeps 7 hours every night, and still manages to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Zach, in as much awe as I was, asked what she does in her free time, and if she even has any, to which Macey responded that she makes sure she has time to go out with her friends.

She then proceeded to say something that blew my mind: Plus, even if I didn’t have free time, it would be fine because I absolutely love everything I do. 

Here I am, struggling to finish all my assignments with my major and minor, and attempting to study my butt off for the LSAT, and she simply makes time to do everything that she enjoys.

Listening to her story was so crazy inspiring that I actually went home and organized all of my study notes for school, and made an LSAT binder with a cover page, table of contents, and color coded bookmarks to go along with the respective books. I had this new found motivation.. if she can do all of that with her time, then so can I.

I hope slowly I’m able to be like her too, to engage myself in things that I love and get every minute out of life that I put into it.

How do you guys stay motivated, engaged, and inspired? Leave your comments below! 🙂

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