Head Shots, Among Other Things 

Honored to be featured once again in her posts! 🙂 congrats again on your internship Beth!!


A few days before my disastrous second happy hour, I made my usual trek out to the main campus of my university for the Spoon University meeting. But to kill the time before the meeting, I would be attempting to take professional head shots of some of my friends. Emphasis on attempting.

edited IMG_0757 Michael edited IMG_0741 Sandhya edited IMG_0735 Sayli Michael, Sandhya, and Sayli are an extremely close group of friends. I met Michael and Sayli back in sophomore year through Sandhya (no surprise there). Being around them has never failed to amuse me, seeing the dynamics of their friendship never raises the question of whether or not it will be tested by time or anything else.

After managing to capture some decent looking head shots and being treated to gelato by Sandhya (after many attempts to refuse it) from the on campus coffee bar (a welcome relief from the abnormally hot day), we went…

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