Meet the Patels: Guest Blogger Shivani

Not the popular movie on Netflix, but rather the family of our first guest blogger Shivani! Shivani is a rising junior at the University of Maryland studying BioEngineering. She watches Netflix like it’s her job, and loves Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother. She’s the type of friend who is undoubtedly loyal no matter what time of the day you message her, and she is an exclusive Iced Vanilla Lattes Starbucks customer. It’s been an honor to meet her 2 years ago and to call her one of my best friends, here she is  🙂


A lot of my fantasies, hopes, and dreams come from shows that I watch. For example, I want the friendship Meredith Grey and Christina Yang have on Grey’s Anatomy, the relationship Lily and Marshall have on How I Met Your Mother, and I’ve always wanted the relationship Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have on Gilmore Girls with my future daughter.

But one relationship I have that no show can compare to, is the relationship I have with my family.

As it was Memorial Day Weekend, I spent my entire Sunday with my family. We went to Fort McHenry Park in Baltimore and had a picnic out by the waterfront.

It was a day full of adventures!

When my cousins and I went up to tour the Fort, we decided to be rebels and go into dungeons that had signs that read: “Closed – Do Not Enter”. But that sign didn’t stop us! Neither did the little 6-year old girl that was yelling at us and kept pointing at the sign! It wasn’t until we got stuck in an isolated jail cell underground in 90 degree weather that we realized going into that dungeon was a bad idea. Even when we did make it out, we found ourselves lost and it took us an hour to get back to our family. But we made it out alive, so that’s all that matters, right?

We also played games and let’s just say, our games can get very competitive. Our game of Uno consisted of whining, yelling, foul language, and throwing of cards! We take a “Draw 2 Cards” or a “Skip” very personal. When we played Hot Potato with a football, 2 of us got injured, 1 started to cry, and another 2 quit! Who would’ve thought, a game of Hot Potato could get so intense!

All the adventures aside, my favorite part about yesterday was getting to spend time with my Grandma. My relationship with her is indescribable. She is the most loving but sassiest person I have ever met. Our conversations always bring laughter to not only us, but everyone around us.

The reason why yesterday was so special to me is because it was the first day in months, my family was genuinely happy. These past few months have been an emotional roller coaster but they definitely made me realize the importance of spending time with the people you love. There will never be a day where I choose anything over my family. No matter the fights we have, or each other’s spotlights we steal, I love my family more than anything in the world.

I can’t wait until we all take a road trip together to North Carolina in a few weeks!

-Shivani ❤


If you  enjoyed this blog post and want her to be a guest blogger again in the future you can contact Shivani by emailing me at 🙂 You can also email me if you are interested in guest blogging as well.

Until tomorrow, follow me on twittertumblr, and pinterest! and have a very wonderful Memorial Day!





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