It’s RoadTrip Time: Guest Blogger Vyshakh

Our second guest blogger is Vyshakh. Vyshakh is studying Computer Science and Business at the University of Maryland and is a rising senior. He enjoys playing soccer and was on the club team for the past two years, and is interning at Accenture this upcoming summer. His dream is to work in Silicon Valley in the future and one day found his own company. If he could spend one day with any celebrity, he’d spend it with Kriti Sanon! Today he’s going to be talking about traveling, which is convenient because my blog started off as a travel blog! (For those of you who remember!) He’s one of the most reliable people I know and gives damn good pep talks – here he is 🙂


I can’t believe I’m finally a senior in college and close to graduating in a year. I’m pretty thrilled to enter the real world and work as a software engineer full-time. Last week, I had the pleasure of going on a road trip to Michigan and Chicago with a close friend, John, from high school, especially after a particularly busy and eventful semester of school. As I recall, that was a particularly busy day as I had finished my last exam at noon and had to run back to my apartment to pack all of my stuff up and move out. I needed to leave Maryland as soon as possible if we were to make it to Michigan at a reasonable hour. Upon leaving Maryland, we drove through the mountains, cruising at roughly 3000 ft above sea level. For some reason, the clouds were particularly low that day, leading to really intense fog. It actually felt like we were driving through a cloud as the visibility was limited to about 100 ft in front of us. Eventually the fog cleared up and we made it to Michigan at about 2 am.

Luckily, John is a student at the University of Michigan. So, we were able to stay at the house that he had rented out for his junior year of college. Fortunately, the leasing term hadn’t expired yet. The next day, he showed me around campus, which to my surprise, was surprisingly enormous. The campus was like its own city. We had to take a bus to get from one side of campus to other, since walking would have been a 40 minute long endeavor. It was a particularly hot day, reaching roughly 85 degrees, so we stopped by for bubble tea at this place called, Bubble Island. I also bought Mochi, which I had never tried before. For those who don’t know, Mochi is a Japanese cake-like snack made out of rice with ice cream on the inside and powdered sugar on the outside. I got one with cookies and cream ice cream filling. As soon as I bit into it, I fell in love with how delicious it tasted. It was ice cream done right.

The following day, we took a trip from Ann Arbor to Chicago. Michigan that day was roughly 70 degrees. However, I made the mistake of not bringing a jacket with me. As soon as we arrived in Chicago, I realized that the state lived up to its nickname as the Windy City. Wearing only jeans and a half-sleeved t-shirt, I started to shiver but slowly acclimated to the windy weather. After exploring the city for a bit, we ended up getting the only thing we came to Chicago for: Chicago-style deep dish pizza. We ended up getting pizza from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, which tasted amazing especially since we were really hungry from walking around all day.

Overall, the trip was really fun and opened me up to new experiences. It was fun to explore new places in both Michigan and Chicago and made me realize that I really enjoy traveling and going on long road trips. Hopefully, I will be able to go on more of these in the near future! =)

– Vyshakh


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