6 Tips of Positivity: Guest Blogger Sahleen

Our final blogger for the June Guest Blogging sequence, is Sahleen. She’s studying Psychology and Business at the University of Maryland and is a rising senior. She loves to dance and has performed all around the country, and dedicates her time on weekends and teaches students as well. She wants to get her MBA after she graduates and pursue a career in marketing. She’s my crazy partner in crime – parading around the streets of DC, and creating noise pollution when we drive down the highway. I have no idea what I would do without her, Here’s Sahleen 🙂


Hi everyone! Considering it’s my first post, I’ve kept it short and simple. I’ve come up with 6 tips that would be beneficial for all of you to apply to your lives. Personally, things get hard at times and though I remain cheerful and smiling, there’s usually something bothering me which could do with my stressful classes, overwhelming situations, or plans going wrong. So here are a few strategies that keep me going.

  1. Stay positive no matter what.

Yes yes *rolling eyes* it is easier said than done because once that negative outcome of a situation takes over you, you can’t help but feel depressed. I’ve been there many times. However, whenever possible, think that it’ll all be okay. Things happen for a reason.

  1. Keep busy.

When we sit idle, our minds wander. You all must have heard the phrase: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. This can be interpreted in a couple of ways – keeping kids out of trouble or for a person with no goals. But, it can be applied to our daily lives. When we sit idle with no purpose for the day, we are in a destructive mentality. Those unwanted thoughts (something someone said that rubbed you off the wrong way or that breakup that hurts you every time you think about it) can pop up in our heads and lead to depression and a low self-esteem.

  1. Take quiet time to yourself.

Contrary to what I said above, it is also necessary to take time off from that busy schedule. School, work, family, friends, life….gets a lot to handle. Sometimes, just sit and do nothing. Take 10 mins before bed to block out any external noise, blank your mind, and just relaaaaax. Some also call this meditating. Oh, it works. Lay down on your bed or sit upright on a chair and take a couple deep breaths in and slowly let them out. It gives you amazing headspace! Speaking of which – the app Headspace helps with this 😉

  1. Let it go.

This is one of the hardest things that I’m in the process of doing currently. Now, this concept can range from something trivial to something life changing. In my case, it’s something big. But no matter what you are dealing with or how hurt you are, it’s in your own benefit, in the marvelous words of Elsa, to “Let it go!” Things happen, people do stuff, people say stuff, you make mistakes and so do others. Keep life moving forward and let another chapter of your story make its way in.

  1. Listen to your dad.

Rationally speaking, my dad is more of the influential parent in the decisions that pertain to me. Whether it’s your mom for you or your dad – listen to them. Now, my dad is a stern, hard to please, wants-everything-his-way type of guy. He doesn’t show his affection but he is kind at heart. He’s lots of fun when he’s in a good mood but that’s short lived. He’s hard to put up with but I’ve learned recently (as I’m maturing) that he’s got really good advice. He wants the best for me and gives good guidelines in building my career. Most of the time we disagree but I’m hoping we grow closer and more understanding of each other’s opinions as I grow older.


  1. Untie Mental Blocks.

Don’t restrict yourself from doing something that you ‘think’ you can’t do. This can be applied academically, physically, or emotionally. We are all born with the same brains, what matters is how we apply them to the outside world. For example, if you can’t pass chemistry but your brother can, that doesn’t mean you are dumb at it. It just means you weren’t open to fully learning it or working as hard. Your interests lie in what you put your focus on. I recently read the quote:

“We are tied up by too many imaginary ropes which are really non-existent. The only truth is there are no boundaries in real life and anyone can stretch to any extent.”

I like this quote because merely reading it frees me. It’s true that we form too many restrictions on ourselves, whether it’s dealing with an interpersonal relationship or accomplishing a task. Untie those restrictions in your minds and life would become so much easier.

So there you have it. Try to apply most of these (if not all) to yourself and things will go a little smoother for you, I promise. Hopefully, this post gave you a bit of an insight about me and if you have any concerns or questions definitely reach out to me! I’m a helpful person 😉

-Sahleen 🙂



This concludes are June Guest Blogging Week! I hope you all enjoyed it 🙂 I hope they inspired you, made you laugh, or just distracted you from your daily routine 🙂

If you enjoyed this blog post and want her to be a guest blogger again in the future you can contact Sahleen by emailing me at tumblah28@gmail.com. Also feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested in guest blogging in the future! Happy Saturday Everyone!

Until tomorrow, follow me on twittertumblr, and pinterest!





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