Sticks and Stones

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re feeling really proud about something and then people tear you down? Their words hurt like sticks and stones and you don’t know why you’re taking their words so personally but you are?

That’s happening to me right now.

As those of you who read my last post know, I’ve had the opportunity to be a writer for a really reputed startup in DC…

I’ve recently been publishing articles to a new journalism publication, and have actually been quite proud of what I’ve been producing – they’re articles about the election and politics in general, and recently I posted up an article about Bernie Sanders.

At first the post was getting a lot of attention and up-votes/retweets/shares/likes.. but then it snowballed downwards from there.

People on twitter and reddit did not waste a second to start with the hate tweets and the hate emails and of course the terrible comments as well, regarding a mistake that I made in the post (which btw if any of you guys are reading this right now.. seriously, control your words, think before you type. I actually worked really damn hard on this post. There are nicer ways to address concerns, and I admitted my mistake I don’t understand why all of you are still so aggressive).

The absolute worst part was that I was so excited that my post was getting all of this attention, and I was so incredibly proud that I was getting published and noticed. I didn’t realize that part of my post was controversial and I don’t really know how real journalists do it, cause I’ve been feeling like a bug under a brick.

I feel like Rory in Gilmore Girls. There was an episode where Rory gave an honest but terrible review of a ballet and the ballerina comes and targets her. Later in the episode Doyle assures her that it’s her job and she’s doing well… now I just need someone to tell me the same thing =(

Other than this awful incident, my internship has been really good and a lot of fun, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to publish another post with more positive news.

Until next time





2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Don’t let the haters get to you! There’s always going to be those few mean people but always look on the bright side: you received a ton of positivity for your post as well. Just keep pushing on and do you. Stay positive (:

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