Motto: Guest Blogger Beth

Hello everyone🙂

Today is my third featured Guest Blogger! Be sure to check out my earlier ones as well!

I met Beth working at Kumon with her, and we have been friends for the past 6 years! Although she used to attend UMD with me, but switched to another campus to follow her dreams of making it big in the Marketing industry! She’s such a good friend and always gives sound advice! Getting lunch with her (almost) every week this summer was a lot of fun, and I always look forward to her blog posts and her photographs! She’s one of the coolest, hippest, awesome-est people I know, and here she is!!

Motto: a short sentence or phrase that expresses a rule guiding the behavior of a particular person or group.

That’s the definition of a motto according to Merriam Webster. Sure, there are probably hundreds of variations on this definition but you get the gist. Personally, I think everyone should have a motto. Do I sound like I’m crazy? Maybe, but let me explain why it’s actually not that bad of an idea.

Every morning after I get up, my cranky self immediately wishes I could crawl back into the comfort of bed. That mood lingers throughout the morning until I get a chance to see some of my friends and a new mood takes over: happiness.

I’m surrounded by people that I genuinely care about and I realize that today is another day I get to see them. Today is also another day I get to learn something new in class, make new friends, try a new restaurant if I’m in the mood or just go to the one I’ve been going to for years. I get to say hi to my next door neighbor, listen to my sister recap how her college life is going, eat my mom’s amazing home cooked food for another night.

Today is another day I can experience true happiness and hopefully pass that happiness onto someone else.

So what’s my motto? I’m glad you asked, “Smile. You’ll make someone’s day.” Short and sweet, this is something I live by every day and tomorrow will be no exception.

Much love 🙂


Aww 🙂 This was so short and sweet, and I hope you stay smiling Beth!

If you enjoyed this blog post and want to stay up to date on Beth’s life or hire her for her photography services, then follow her blog here! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Motto: Guest Blogger Beth

  1. Thank you for giving me the privilege to be a guest blogger! I’m so glad we met at Kumon 6 years ago and became the best of friends 🙂 Though you give me too much credit, there is no way all of the attributes you listed apply to me haha

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